Standing Thoroughbred (mold)Edit


#9128 Standing Thoroughbred mold from WEG Shadowbox. Some Rights Reserved by Princess Milady. Attribution/Noncommerical/No Derivative Works license

The Standing Thoroughbred mold was released in 2006 and is part of the G3 collection of Stablemates. The mold was sculpted by Jane Lunger. The Standing Thoroughbred mold is Stablemate scale and features a horse in a standing position with his neck slightly rounded. In the World Equestrian Games Stablemates Shadowbox, the Standing Thoroughbred came with a World Equestrian Games blanket on.

Models using this MoldEdit

  • #1402 British Breed 4-Piece Set (with Clydesdale, Warmblood Jumper, and Highland Pony) (dark bay pinto with high stockings) - released 2006 (UK export)
  • #5500 Stablemates Saddle Club 4-Piece Playset (with Appaloosa, Standing Stock Horse, and Thoroughbred) (red roan) - released 2008
  • #5603 Sport Horse: Pinto (black pinto) - released 2008
  • #5906 Thoroughbred (bay) - released 2006-2008
  • #5906 Thoroughbred (light grey) - released 2008 (Target and TSC)
  • #5607 Hanoverian (sorrel) - released 2009
  • #6126 Stablemates Gift Set (with Friesian, Warmblood Jumper, and Mustang) (bay blanket) - released 2008 (K-Mart)
  • #9128 World Equestrian Games Stablemates Shadowbox (with Cantering Warmblood, Warmblood Jumper, Para Dressage, Dressage, Vaulting, Driving, Reining, and Endurance) (chestnut) - released 2010 (World Equestrian Games, Limited Run)
  • #59200 Stablemates Tack Shop (with horse care products, brushes, boots, saddle and bridle racks, buckets, and brown English tack) (flea bitten grey with black stockings) - released 2006-2008
  • #410176 Parade of Breeds III (with Rearing Andalusian, Cantering Warmblood, Friesian, Laying Foal, Walking Arabian, Highland Pony, Standing Foal, Peruvian Paso, and Warmblood Jumper) (metallic chestnut) - released 2006 (JC Penny)
  • #711080 1997 Bold (palomino) - released 2009 (Breyerfest Special Made Tent, only 500 made)
  • #720232 Horspital Play Set (with Lying Foal) (grey pinto) - released 2009 (Target)
  • #760218 World of Horses Collection (shadowbox with Warmblood, American Saddlebred, Appaloosa, Andalusian, Shetland Pony, Standing Stock Horse, Clydesdale, Belgian, Highland Pony, Peruvian Paso, and Morgan - Prancing) (brown) - released 2010 (Toys R Us)
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