Stablemate (scale) Edit

Stablemate (also Little Bit) scale is 1:32 scale in size. This makes Stablemates about 7 cm in height by 6 cm long. Stablemates are the second smallest Breyer scale in production today. Stablemate scale was introduced in 1975. Sixteen models were first released (now called G1) sculpted by Maureen Love and repeatedly used by Breyer until 1998-1999. After the retirement of G1 Stablemates, Breyer released G2 Stablemate molds sculpted by Kathleen Moody. After the G2 Stablemates, G3 Stablemates mold were introduced in 2005-2007 and sculpted by Jane Lunger. In 2010, Breyer released G4 molds for the World Equestian Games. In 2005, Breyer lost the rights to the G1 Stablemate molds and could no longer produce them even if they were not retired already at the time. The original sixteen G1 Stablemate molds have either "1975" or "1976" on the inside of a hind leg. This year is not the year the model was released, but the year the mold was released.

List of Stablemate MoldsEdit

  • American Saddlebred (G2)
  • Andalusian (G2)
  • Andalusian, Rearing (G3)
  • Appaloosa (G2)
  • Arabian, Rearing (G2)
  • Arabian, Walking (G3)
  • Arabian Mare (G1)
  • Arabian Stallion (G1)

    Stablemate #9128 Para Dressage mold for the World Equestian Games Shadowbox. Some rights reserved by Princess Milday of Flickr. Attribution/Noncommerial/No Derivative Works license.

  • Belgian (G3)
  • Cantering Foal (G2)
  • Cantering Stock Horse (G3)
  • Cantering Warmblood (G3)
  • Citation (G1)
  • Clydesdale (G2)
  • Donkey (G3)
  • Draft Horse (G1)
  • Dressage (G4)
  • Driving (G4)
  • Endurance (G4)
  • Friesian (G3)
  • Highland Pony (G3)
  • Lying Foal (G3)
  • Morgan, Prancing (G2)
  • Morgan Mare (G1)
  • Morgan Stallion (G1)
  • Mule (G2)
  • Mustang (G3)
  • Native Dancer (G1)
  • Para Dressage (G4)
  • Paso Fino (G2)
  • Peruvian Paso (G3)
  • Quarter Horse Mare (G1)
  • Quarter Horse Stallion (G1)
  • Reining (G4)
  • Saddlebred (G1)
  • Scrambling Foal (G2)
  • Scratching Foal (G2)
  • Seabiscuit (G1)
  • Shetland Pony (G2)
  • Silky Sillivan (G1)
  • Standardbred (G2)
  • Standing Foal (G3)
  • Standing Stock Horse (G3)
  • Standing Thoroughbred (G3)
  • Swaps (G1)
  • Tennessee Walking Horse (G3)
  • Thoroughbred (G2)
  • Thoroughbred Laying Foal (G1)
  • Thoroughbred Mare (G1)
  • Thoroughbred Standing Foal (G1)
  • Trotting Foal (G2)
  • Vaulting (G4)
  • Warmblood (G2)
  • Warmblood Jumper (G3)
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