Model ScalingEdit

Scale (also known as size) is very important when talking about Breyers. Traditional scale are normally the highest in value. There are five common scales of Breyer horse models currently.

  • Traditional: 1:9 scale (around 8" H x 11" L)
  • Classic: 1:12 scale (dollhouse; around 7" H x 5" L)
  • Ponies/Pony Gals: same as Classics
  • Paddock Pal: 1:24 scale (about 6" to 4") - now retired (also called "Little Bits")
  • Stablemates: 1:32 scale (about 7 cm H x 6 cm L)
  • Mini Whinnies: 1:64 scale (adult horses about one inch tall)

The "Ponies" line was replaced in 2008 by the "Pony Gals". This line differs from the other because the models have brushable manes and tails and may have jointed heads, necks, or legs. They are marketed towards younger children.

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