Man O' War (mold)Edit


#1189 War Admiral in the Man O' War mold.

The Man O' War model was released in 1969 and sculpted by Chris Hess. The Man O' War mold is a Traditional scale mold. The mold features a stallion horse with all four hooves on the ground in a standing position looking ahead. His tail is down and touching the right back leg. The mane is down on the horse's neck. The mold also has a sculpted halter on. The mold is based on Man O' War the famous Thoroughbred racehorse.

Man O' War (racehorse)Edit

Man O' War (March 29, 1917 - November 1, 1947) was a famous Thoroughbred racehorse and considered to by some to be the best racehorse of all time. During his career, he won 20 out of 21 races and $249,465 in purses.

Models using this MoldEdit

  • #47 Man O' War (red chestnut with color variations) - released 1965-1995
  • #47 Man O' War (red chestnut) - released 2010 (World Equestrian Games Reissue, only 48 made)
  • #47 Man O' War Presentation Collection (red chestnut, mounted on hardwood base) - released 1972-1973
  • #718 General Lee's Traveller (light grey) - released 1998-1999
  • #966 My Prince (medium brown chestnut) - released 1996-1997
  • #1189 War Admiral (dark brown) - released 2003-2004
  • #1271 Spectacular Bid (grey roan) - released 2006
  • #413091 Man O' War (glossy gold charm) - released 1991 (BreyerFest Raffle Model, only 21 made)
  • #497510 Race Horse Set (glossy red chestnut) (with Secretariat and Sham) - released 1990 (Sears, only 2,000 made)
  • #700300 Gatsby (dark bay blanket) - released 2000 (Breyer Tour Model)
  • Man O' War (red chestnut) - released 2002 (QVC)
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