Breyer MoviesEdit

Breyer movies (or films) are collector-created videos in which Breyer models are used as characters. The movies normally are created by one person with that one person as the voice actor for every character in the movie. The movies often feature very little video editing and just raw video. There have never been any extremely successful or popular Breyer movies. Most of these movies are only ten to twenty minutes long. Sometimes they are released in a series of continuing videos. The movies can be found on popular video sharing websites, like YouTube.

Creating Breyer MoviesEdit

Many younger collectors enjoy making movies with their Breyers. Some things to keep in mind while making these movies is that some Breyer are extremely valuable and could be harmed during the movie creation. To reduce the chances of this happening, it is suggested that movies are filmed on soft surfaces like carpet or rugs. You can also use lower quality or less valuable models during filming. Do not bang the models together or hit the models against anything. You can always put the models close enough to appear to be "fighting" like in many movies and then add sound effects later instead of actually banging them together. Keep the models away from any tables or surfaces they could fall off of. Using tape or glue on your models for any reason can create flaws in the model. It is not suggested that you push or slide your model against any surfaces as that will create flaws in the hooves of the model. If filming outside, do not place your model in mud, sand, or dirt. Sand is especially bad since it can cause major paint damage.

When creating a Breyer movie, film makers will need Breyer models, props, a model-safe place to film, and a video camera or webcam. They may also use video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, or Sony Vegas to add music, sound effects, and visual effects. It is best to have a planned script and storyline before starting to film your movie. Film makers suggest using models that are not running, rearing, bucking, or in an unnatural pose because it is much more believable when you just have a standing model in the movie. Other action models that are similar color to the characters can be used in shots to give the illusion that the model is in action (like rearing, bucking, running, etc.). It is suggested you have a good sized collection of models for movie making because of this.

List of Breyer MoviesEdit

Vengeance Reign By:Foxglory123