Action Stock Horse Foal (mold)Edit


#1367 Fizz model in the Action Stock Horse Foal mold. Taken by Jamie D. Dulin. Not to be used off of Breyer Models Wiki.

The Action Stock Horse Foal mold was released in 1984 and sculpted by Chris Hess. The mold has been released is several different colors and paint jobs. The mold is a Traditional scale Breyer. The mold number is 235.

The mold features a stock horse foal as the name implies running with three hooves on the ground and the right front leg lifted in front of him not touching the ground. The mold has a fairly short mane and tail. The mane is upright and the tail is flowing out from behind the mold's body.

Models using this MoldEdit

  • #225 Action American Buckskin Stock Horse Foal (buckskin) - released 1987-1988
  • #236 Chestnut Stock Horse Foal (chestnut) - released 1984-1986
  • #237 Bay Pinto Stock Horse Foal (bay pinto) - released 1984-1988
  • #238 Appaloosa Stock Horse Foal (grey blanket) - released 1984-1988
  • #724 Monga Tonga, "Big Medicine" (palomino blanket) - released Jan-Jun 1998 (Collector's Edition)
  • #725 Wakanda O'kie, "Talks to the Gods" (bay blanket) - released Jul-Dec 1998 (Collector's Edition)
  • #763 Appaloosa Foal (dun spotted blanket) - released 1999-2001
  • #810 Action Appaloosa Foal (chestnut leopard) - released 1989-1993
  • #891 Sunny Action Foal (light dun) - released 1994-1995
  • #934 Cricket Quarter Horse Foal (brown bay) - released 1995-1996
  • #1156 Moonbeam, Grullo Foal (grullo) - released 2005-2008
  • #1169 Appaloosa Foal (black and white leopard) - released 2002-2005
  • #1367 Fizz (red roan) - released 2008-now
  • #1397 Fun Foals Collector's Event: Foal Prize (copper chestnut) - released 2009 (Treasure Hunt: Wixom and Jumping Horse prize)
  • #410422 3-pc Traditional Spanish Horse Family (with Andalusian Stallion and Misty's Twilight) (dark bay or black) - released 2007 (JC Penny)
  • #410703 Kwahu and Alo, Great Spirit of the Mighty Eagle III (with Running Stallion) (chestnut pinto) - released 2003 (JC Penny)
  • #410802 Orion and Zorian, Magical Unicorn Set (with Black Beauty) (iridescent white) - released 2002 (JC Penny)
  • #710297 Sundance and Skipper (with Misty's Twilight) (chestnut pinto) - released 1997 (JC Penny)
  • #712092 Frisky Foals Set (with Proud Arabian Foal, Running Foal, and Nursing Foal) (yellow dun) - released 1992 (JC Penny, only 3,000 made)
  • #712459 Breyer Traditonal Colelctor's Family Set (with Stock Horse Mare and Stock Horse Stallion) (bay roan peppercorn) - released 1986 (JC Penny)
  • Action Stock Horse Foal (unpainted)
  • Collectible Stock Horse Family (with Stock Horse Mare and Stock Horse Stallion) (buckskin) - released 1984 (Sears)
  • Pinto Mare and Foal Set (with Stock Horse Mare) (black pinto) - released 1984-1985 (JC Penny)
  • Stallion, Mare and Foal Set (with Stock Horse Stallion) (bay) - released 1984 (JC Penny)
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